MQL5 Cloud Network

About the MQL5 Cloud Network

For over ten years MetaQuotes Ltd has achieved outstanding success in developing highly productive and reliable trading platforms for financial markets. For many years of our work traders from different countries appreciated the possibilities of the MetaTrader trading terminals. The current version of MetaTrader 5 has become even more powerful, convenient and provides wider opportunities.

With the MetaTrader 5 Trading Terminal you can not only perform trading operations but also automate daily routine actions concerning financial markets analysis and trade decisions making. To help you enjoy all the advantages of automated trading, the terminal provides the special MQL5 programming language that is used to create fully automated trading systems called Expert Advisors (Trading Robots).

Traders develop their trading robots in the MetaEditor 5 that is the MQL5 development environment. But before using them on a real account it is necessary to test them on historical data with the help of the MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester

The Strategy Tester included in the terminal is designed with consideration of all modern achievements - it uses all CPU cores and it is available only for 64 bit versions of Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7 operating systems.

The Tester allows to optimize Expert Advisors, i.e. to find such trading system parameters that let the profit (or any other optimization criteria) reach its maximum value. To find the most effective parameters, an Expert Advisor must be run many times with different sets of input data. The brand new revolutionary concept has been implemented to accelerate the optimization process - distribution of tasks among testing agents.

The idea of multi-threaded testing with the help of the agents instead of a single-threaded model allowed to accelerate Expert Advisors optimization process considerably, but the idea was developed further. We have added remote testing agents that can be easily installed in a local network on available computers. Therefore, now traders can create a computing clusters for optimizing trading systems.

Geographical Location of MQL5 Cloud Network Access Points

The MQL5 Cloud Network distributed calculations system is the further logical development of the idea of testing agents. Now you can access the calculation capacity of thousands of computers without having to build your own computing cluster.

The MQL5 Cloud Network is a distributed calculations network that unites computers from all over the world. And you also can make your contribution to solving various issues!

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