MQL5 Cloud Network

The Way the MQL5 Cloud Network Functions

The MQL5 Cloud Network calculations give possibility to arrange computing resources exchange between those who need them and those who can provide excessive CPU time. The only thing you must do to join the network is to download and install the MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester Agent, the rest is quite simple.

The Strategy Tester application installs and runs on your computer special computing services which are called tester agents. By default, the number of the installed agents is equal to the number of logical cores in your computer. Therefore, the more cores your computer has, the more resources you can provide to the MQL5 Cloud Network.

Tester Agents Workflow in MQL5 Cloud Network

If you need the MQL5 Cloud Network computing power, you can get it through your MetaTrader 5 trading terminal. Open the Strategy Tester window and you will see that the agents from the MQL5 Cloud Network divided by location segments are available together with local and remote ones. All the agents are registered in the nearest MQL5 Cloud Network access point for timely access and better cloud load balancing.

The MQL5 Cloud Network provides traders with a possibility to optimize automated trading systems created in the MQL5 programming language in a timely manner, while owners of independent free resources can gain some profit from them.

MQL5 programs are safe, they work in their own virtual sandbox and do not interfere with their environment. Besides, DLL calls from MQL5 programs are prohibited during work in the MQL5 Cloud Network.

We invite traders and also all interested enthusiasts to join the MQL5 Cloud Network. Let your computer not only emit heat into the atmosphere but also perform some helpful work for humanity in a plenty of useful distributed computing projects!

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