MQL5 Cloud Network

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Network function?

MQL5 Cloud Network is a distributed computing cloud network. It means that computing tasks are distributed among the scores of computers registered in that network.

In case you need to perform plenty of calculations that can be parallelized, you can enter the network and distribute your task among all spare CPU capacities. You can find technical details in our Help section.

Who can take part?

MQL5 Cloud Network is open for everyone and does not require any preliminary registration. You only have to download MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester Agent and install tester agents on your computer.

How can I register?

You should only visit Registration section and fill all necessary fields. An email will be sent to an indicated mailbox to confirm registration after you submit your data. Please, note that you are allowed to withdraw your earned funds through PayPal only to the email address you indicated during registration to protect your money from theft.

How can I create my own distributed computing task?

A task is a program written in MQL5. Distributed computing is usually used to get a large amount of results by applying the same algorithm to different input data. The tester in the MetaTrader 5 trading terminal allows to perform such multithreaded calculations in the Optimizing Expert Advisors mode.

Do I have to install MetaTrader 5 terminal to join the network?

No, it's not necessary. MetaTrader 5 terminal is needed to launch MQL5-program that contains a trading strategy or a distributed computing task.

In case you are going only to lend your free computing capacities you should download only MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester Agent and install tester agents on each computer you want to include into MQL5 Cloud Network.

What programming language is used in MQL5 Cloud Network?

You should write a program in MQL5 programming language used for trading strategies creation to utilize MQL5 Cloud Network. The language stands very close to C++ according to its syntax and execution speed. That advantage allows to explore it in timely manner and use algorithms from other high level languages.

MQL5 language is included into the MetaTrader 5 trading terminal. The community web site provides a great amount of educational materials in the Articles section.

How safe is it to provide my computer for cloud computing?

Every testing agent works in its own virtual sandbox in MQL5 Cloud Network. That sandbox blocks any requests from an MQL5 program to the outside. All DLL calls and file events outside of the indicated directory are forbidden.

Can someone access my program's code or any other data, if I use MQL5 Cloud Network agents?

Firstly, all data exchange between a computing ordering customer and agents is encrypted. Secondly, a testing agent does not save a code of a submitted program on a drive. So, it cannot be captured on the computer that performs calculations. Besides, the agents themselves are protected from the attempts to penetrate their execution environment and capture data from their memory.

Thus, all necessary measures are taken to protect computing ordering customer data.

I have installed agents and entered the correct login and password, but I do not see any agents in my Profile.

Agents appear in your Profile immediately after they complete their first task for the MQL5 Cloud Network. Until then, they are not shown in the User Profile at

I had 5 (10, 15, etc.) agents in my Profile, and now less agents are shown. Why?

Uncheck the "Active last day" check box. You will see all your agents that run at the MQL5 Cloud Network.

Agents in the Profile

How do I know the PR of my agents?

The PR of each agent is shown in the Profile of its owner. It is calculated periodically and may vary slightly depending on the computer load.

I select the slow optimization (testing of all parameters) for my task, but fast optimization using a genetic algorithm starts after that. Why?

If the total number of optimization passes exceeds 100 million, then fast optimization starts automatically. Please read more in the terminal Help (see Optimization Types).

Why is optimization not available in 32 bit systems?

32 bit systems do not meet modern requirements of distribute computing, reduce productivity and cause additional costs for network infrastructure maintenance. Therefore it was decided to stop supporting 32 bit systems for optimization using the MQL5 Cloud Network, and use only 64 bit systems.

All the servers and free agents of the MQL5 Cloud Network are used in the full optimization, while the agents of only one node of the MQL5 Cloud participate in the genetic optimization. Why?

For genetic optimization, the entire set of passes is replaced by a combination of genes that provide a limited set of passes (no more than 256) for one population. The character of the genetic algorithm requires completion of calculations of all passes in one population, before processing the results and creating new passes in the next population.

Therefore, the most reliably way is to distribute genetic optimization tasks among the agents of one node of the MQL5 Cloud Network. More information can be found in the article Genetic Algorithms - It's Easy!

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