MQL5 Cloud Network

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I provide my agents for free?

Certainly. We welcome enthusiasts and invite volunteers to create distributed computing projects. You only need to download and install tester agents to provide your CPU capacity for free. See the Help section for more details.

What is the measurement method of my agents capacities?

Each testing agent has its own performance rating (PR). PR value is calculated and updated periodically to gain the most recent data. While executing a task, the work accomplished by a testing agent is calculated by multiplying of its PR by the spent Time.

How can I see my agents in MQL5 Cloud Network?

You can see the number of your agents, their current PR and the number of the accomplished tasks in the "Agents" tab of your profile. You can also temporarily turn off or delete your agents from MQL5 Cloud Network.

What equation is used to calculate a payment for agents occupation?

Rental price of an agent depends on its PR and the time it spent working for an ordering customer. Payment for a task accomplished by an agent is generally calculated as a product of price, productivity and time: Money=Price*PR*Time, where:

  • Money is a payment for an accomplished task.
  • Price is a cost of one PR per second, it is the same for all agents in MQL5 Cloud Network.
  • PR is a performance rating of an agent calculated according to a special unified method. The higher is an agent's PR, the faster it accomplishes its task and the higher is its rental price per unit time as a result.
  • Time is a time spent by an agent for a task execution. The higher PR value an agent has, the faster it accomplishes its task.

Cost of a task computing will not depend on PR values of the agents executing that task for an ordering customer because a payment for an accomplished work considers execution time and PR value simultaneously.

What is the cost of one PR unit per unit time?

The cost of a tester agent having PR=100 is set to 0.04 USD per hour. One quant is taken for a work unit. A quant represents a work of an agent having PR=1 in 1 ms (1 millisecond). Therefore, the cost of one quant is calculated the following way:

   QuantPrice=0.04 USD/(100PR*3 600 000 ms)=1,11111E-10  [USD/(PR*ms)]

The following table indicates the cost of continuous operation of one single-core tester agent having PR=100 for two time ranges - 1 hour and 1 month.

 Time range  QuantPrice, USD/(PR*ms) Agent PR
 Time, ms  Amount, USD
1 hour
1.11111E-10 100
3 600 000
1 month
1.11111E-10 100
2 592 000 000 28.80

Appropriate number of tester agents is equal to the number of cores. In case of a quad-core computer 4 agents are installed by default and the cost will increase 4 times accordingly.

It is not recommended to install the number of agents that is greater than the number of cores. That will not increase your profit, as PR of each installed agent will drop in that case.

How much will I get from the overall profit earned by my agents?

An owner of tester agents will get a payment for submitted computing resources based on the indicated formula minus 10% of commission. This means that 9 USD will be transferred to your account from each 10 payed USD by an ordering customer for the consumed resources. That comprises 90% from the overall payment.

The price is too high/low, it should be changed

The issue of a fair price that can suit both buyers and sellers of computing resources is under consideration so far. We are looking for the way to balance the interests of ordering customers and tester agents owners. The key point is that CPU excessive capacities can make a small but stable profit.

Computer consumes resources even if it does not participate in MQL5 Cloud Network but it produces nothing 99% of time. So, let it be useful a bit!

How is payment transferred? What do I need to sell my agents capacities?

The tasks that are accomplished by your agents in MQL5 Cloud Network are measured and payed for automatically. Specify your correct login the earned payment will be transferred to at the MQL5 Cloud Network tab of the MetaTester 5 Agents Manager settings.

You can change your login in the settings and specify another one. In that case the funds will be transferred to a new login. The payments are made through our payment system.

How can I buy an access to MQL5 Cloud Network?

For this you need to accomplish several steps:

What payment systems do you support?

You can top up your MQL5 account and pay for the available services using bank cards and other popular payment systems, see Payments and payment methods article for details.

My agents have been performing tasks for the MQL5 Cloud Network for several hours, but I cannot see payments for them in the Payments section of my Profile.

Payments for tasks completed in the MQL5 Cloud Network are made on the next day. This is done in the morning once a day in one line for all agents in the Payments section.

My agents are loaded with calculations, but no payments are transfered to my accounts.

All charges for calculations run in the MQL5 Cloud Network are made at the end of the day, you'll see them the next day in the Payments section of your Profile.

If your account is banned or blocked, the agents work for free through the entire blocking period.

How do I find out the cost of calculations that I want to run in the MQL5 Cloud Network? Won't it be too expensive?

You can run a test task that can be completed in a few minutes. After that, you can see the blocked amount for the task in the Payments section and estimate the total cost for the whole task. For example, the cost of optimization shown in the article Speed Up Calculations with the MQL5 Cloud Network was about 0.06 USD.

Cost of Agents Use

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