MQL5 Cloud Network

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the tester agents installed into the services automatically when installing the trading terminal?

No, the tester agents are not installed automatically as services during the installation of MetaTrader 5 trading terminal. The terminal manages only its own local tester agents that can be launched only for test runs without the services mode. These local agents are launched only by a terminal user for trading strategies testing and optimization. These agents cannot be available to anyone else.

If you want to submit your computing resources to participate in MQL5 Cloud Network, you should explicitly install the agents as services using MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester Agent and specify all necessary data: permission to submit the parameters and login.

I am an administrator of a large local network containing 100 computers. How can I install the agents on all computers at once?

Mass installation of the agents in a local network is not provided. That is not a drawback, as it has been done on purpose for security reasons. A tester agent consumes resources during its operation. It means that decision on the agents installation using MetaTrader 5 Agents Manager should be made for each computer individually.

I have installed the agents on my computer and entered my account in MetaTrader 5 Agents Manager. After some time they have appeared in my profile. Then I have copied the folder with the agents to all computers in my network but they do not work. What is the problem?

The agents work as services. It means that they must be explicitly installed on your computer. Simple copying of folders and files will not yield any result. Installation of the tester agents must be manually launched on each computer where you want to install them.

I have installed the agents on several computers but connection to MQL5 Cloud Network is inconvenient. I have to manually allow the use of the agents at each computer.

Connection of the agents to MQL5 Cloud Network for each computer is done only once, therefore, it is not a big problem. You only have to enable a few options during the installation and identify your account and password correctly.

It is the only way to connect your agents to MQL5 Cloud Network, as we strive to ensure the safety of our software. We are not going to provide the possibility to submit the tester agents to MQL5 Cloud Network automatically.

If you are a real owner of a PC and you want to rent its capacities, this requirement is not so complicated.

Who gets the tester agents in case of default installation? I want to install them only for personal use.

No default settings are provided in MetaTrader 5 Agents Manager. It means that no one except you will get access to your tester agents, unless you want that. You only have to select the number of installed agents and their port numbers.

The only parameter offered to be installed by default is a password to access your agents via local network. If you do not want to share your agents in your local network, you should replace that password with the one known only to you. If you know the password to your agents, you can access to them from the local network, i.e. use them for your own calculations or a trading robot optimization (for example, you have several computers in the local network, which are managed only by you).

I reinstall the operating system on my computers regularly, therefore, I have automated this process. How can I automate the agents installation to let them connect MQL5 Cloud Network automatically with a specified login and password?

There is no such possibility. You can quickly install the tester agents on each computer (MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester Agent installation takes only a couple of minutes), but automatic connection to MQL5 Cloud Network is not (and will not be) provided. This has been done solely for security reasons.

How can I install tester agents?

The installation process is simple and does not require any excessive efforts. You only have to download MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester Agent and pass several steps.

How to configure the agents operating schedule?

You can set the agents operating schedule at the Scheduler tab. Run MetaTrader 5 Strategy Agents Manager from the Start menu or your desktop to reach it.

What ports must be open to let the agents participate in MQL5 Cloud Network?

The main peculiarity of the MQL5 Cloud Network agents is the fact that they can pass all proxies and firewalls because they create powerful outcoming connections to a geographically adjacent task manager (network pooler) using SSL-protocol (port 443). Therefore, you don't need to open and customize any ports.

How can I sell the agents capacities?

Open MetaTrader 5 Strategy Agents Manager and type your correct and actual login the funds will be transferred to at the MQL5 Cloud Network tab. For this you need to make sure that two options are checked:

  • "Allow public use of agents"
  • "Sell computing resources through a account"

If you don't have an account yet, you can register at right now.

How can I buy the agents capacities in MQL5 Cloud Network?

MQL5 Cloud Network agents can be accessed only from the MetaTrader 5 trading terminal. To allow the terminal strategy tester to connect distributed computing network you should indicate your login and password in the terminal settings.

How can I update the agents?

You don't have to do it yourself. MetaTrader 5 Strategy Agents Manager checks the presence of the latest version and LiveUpdate system downloads the updates. All actions are performed in a hidden manner and do not require your attention.

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